Thursday, September 24, 2009

Theme Thursday - Wild

Hmmm... What to do, what to do? I'm not usually considered anything approaching "a wild and crazy guy", and I don't tend to take pictures of people doing things like that. However, I do take lots of pictures of "the wild" and the "wild" things that live there. Will that do?

For instance, this Mink watching all us crazy humans on the Cliff Walk is a "wild animal". Actually, we have lots and lots of Mink around here; I've seen them around Gooseneck Cove lots of times, and even saw some Mink tracks in the snow down by the Green Bridge one Winter day. And they're the reason why the Norman Bird Sanctuary no longer keeps fancy fowl around any more; the Mink were decimating them.

And I guess you could call these Canadian Thistle blooms "wildflowers".

This storm on July 1 was certainly a wild one!

Oh, wait! I do take pictures of crazy people doing wild things! Like this surfer in the aftermath of Hurricane Bill.

And of course, if you've been reading my blog for a while now, you can pretty much figure out what my video pick for this week's theme is. Yup, Jimi at Montreux, playing a really wild version of "Wild Thing" and then burning his guitar. Rock'n'Roll wildness at its best!

So is that wild enough for you?

Photos & text © 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I think you hit it spot ON, my friend! Loved the photography! I do a lot of landscape paintings, and two of my favorite subjects are lighthouses, and old rural buildings. Happy Theme Thursday!

  2. great post roy...the pic of the storm is phenomenal and ominous. the mink was cute as well. and jimi...icing on the cake...

  3. As usual great photography. I love the storm shot. Wonderful TT post.

  4. Aw, I love the little mink. He's so cute.

  5. Awesome stuff. I love the July 1st Storm pic, would make a sweet framed wall pic!

  6. Roy, not only is your photography amazing as always, but you've got a knack for finding the most obscure vids! Love the close up on the spectators! Totally bewildered...ahem, yes that's it... ;)

  7. The drama of the approaching storm is fabulous! And I've never seen a mink in the wild like that. Cool.

  8. But, hey, I thought your side bar pick was going to be included in today's post. Darn. You're the real WILD thing.

  9. Roy...excellent WILD favorite is the thistle...your photo is can something so beautiful be so WILDLY painful to pick?

  10. HA-HA....the sidebar picture is the wildest of all!

  11. Excellent mix of wild things. I like the determined look of that little mink.

  12. Lovely wild things and sidebar, lol.

  13. hahaha....gosh Roy....whenever I think of you, the first thing that pops to mind is "wild and crazy!" Fun it all (especially that little wild mink, what a sweetie).

  14. I'm with Betsy, I think there is a little 'wild thing' inside you somewhere!

  15. My kinda wild! Love that photo of the mink. So beautiful. One of my fondest memories of Vermont was watching minks and/or weasels playing in the snow.

    All of us old hippies are wild inside...

  16. Hi Roy. I arrived here via Patrice's Blog. Those are wonderful photos. That thistle is absolutely gorgeous and as for that storm shot, just wonderful. Love it. Could imagine both blown up on huge canvases.

  17. All thngs wild and wonderful
    The Lord God made them all
    Lovely post. Happy TT

  18. the storm photo from july 1 blows me away!!!

    aw that little mink is adorable - he/she looks much better wild and alive than dead and wrapped around some human's neck or bod.

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