Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Was Colorful, Too

I went down to Brenton Point today with the intention of shooting the 12-meters racing offshore, and in general to get pictures of any and all sailboats out and about on this drop-dead gorgeous Fall day. Unfortunately, none of my boat pictures turned out well enough to post. Oh well... At least I got two shots that show how colorful things are on these nice dry, crisp New England days.

These Giant Sunflowers (the "giant" comes from the size of the plants, not the blooms) were growing along one of the trails in the state park.

There were some kites in the air over Brenton Point today; not as many as there would be on a Saturday in July or August, but a few. And these two kept drifting close to each other, so I just had to get a shot.

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. happy days- having good fall weather. Have just spent some time enjoying your 'wild' pictures, and these colourful kites. I love flying a kite!

  2. Roy, spectacular! Just got back from the spring about an hour ago. Mom is gettin' antsy to see the fall foliage. Might trek on out to the Berkshires, again ;)

  3. OH the kites are wonderful. It's sunny but blowing a gale out here. I should buy one! Roy do your calendars ship overseas? I was looking at them the other day, they're lovely.

  4. Thanks everybody!

    Baino, they do indeed ship overseas. When you're on the info page for one of the calendars, scroll down to the bottom, and in the links there there's a whole section on shipping. Apparently they ship all over the world.

  5. The colours in the kite shot are wonderful.

  6. Hi,
    just today I was saying to myself I really enjoy the autumn days. Nice pictures. Thanks.

  7. the colors of autumn are a happening here too. we have a very blustery day today, I wonder if there will be kites out at edgewater park our primo kite flying park