Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Next Step

Okay, so I have my portfolio and other web albums up and functioning. I also have a running listing on Craig's List offering my photographic services for hire. Today I added actual product - six calendars on (and I'm sure I'll add more) on my Storefront page. My friend Flit suggested checking out last week. Thanks Flit!

It was a lot more work than I expected. There were 78 photos involved (72 calendar pages and 6 covers), and the format on the pages is such that I needed to pretty much re-crop everything. The "Calendar Wizard" is kinda slow and cranky, and I was finding it necessary to save what I was working on and then reboot my browser fairly frequently or things could get quirky. And I wish that they offered the full moons/new moons along with the holidays to be listed on the calendars. But things look good.

As I said, I put together 6 calendars: bird portraits, my bug and flower macros, black and white shots, pictures of the sea round here, pictures of the Gooseneck Cove wetlands, and Ballard Park. I'm thinking about adding a surfing calendar, although I'm looking at the option of putting together a photo book on the subject instead ( is primarily a Print On Demand publisher). But for the time being, go check out the calendars I've already created using the link above (or the one I just added in my sidebar). Hey, I'll even let you buy a calendar (or two, or three)! Meanwhile, I've included three of the calendar cover designs below. Enjoy!

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Roy I admire your determination. It's hard work looking for work. I'll take a look at the pics and calendars on the weekend and add a link to the blog if you like. Good luck!

  2. Good luck on the calendars, Roy. They look beautiful.

    Looks like your Theme Thursday post is going to be kinda interesting.

  3. Hi Roy, took a looksee and like 'em all but partial to the B&W one. I got hung up on the Lulu site and almost had to reboot, so I can just imagine. And Craig's List I've had no luck, at all. Not even on the free stuff!

    I'll be back for a final looksee and decision :)

  4. Excellent, excellent egg!

    I wish I had a million dollars. (Hot dog!) I'd buy out the store.

    Been feeling lately that I need to revamp the blog with links to The Creators that I know. Shall be done soon.

  5. Youve Given Me ideas For Christmas!

  6. gorgeous.

    there has to be someone out there willing to give you the seed money to have supply of these gorgeous calendars to sell in newport shops!! your photos are such a celebration of the beauty of the place!

    I've done photo work before for realtors when they need photos of houses they are selling, more and more folks use the internet to look at places first...another avenue that might be good to check out. best to you!!

  7. forgot to add I'm impressed on how busy you have been!!

    I'm with tony!