Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ethan Winer Is a Wild and Crazy Guy!

So who is this guy and why am I doing a blog post on him? Ethan Winer is a musician, songwriter, recording engineer, computer program writer, and writer of articles on audio recording. He lives in Connecticut with his wife and cat. He even has a website. And he looks like Woody Allen's younger brother, another perfect nebbish!

But looks are deceiving. This guy is pretty accomplished. Visit his website and check out his tunes page, and then look at the articles he's written for the likes of Keyboard and Electronic Musician magazines. Read his bio page and look at some of the recording studios he's designed. He's no slouch!

Still, you're probably trying to figure out why in the world I'm writing a blog post about Ethan Winer. Well, the story is actually pretty simple. About 3 years ago I came across this incredible video called A Cello Rondo featuring Ethan Winer playing all the parts - 37 cello parts! And not only the music, but filming the parts in different costumes and personas. Among classical music geeks and electronic recording studio geeks this this thing went viral. I have a copy in Quicktime™ .mov format on my hard drive. But for convenience, here's Ethan's own version on Vimeo:

A Cello Rondo from Ethan Winer on Vimeo.

Ethan wasn't done being his own one-man orchestra, though. In 2007 he put out another video - Tele-Vision, again another this-guy-plays-all-the-instruments project. A little more rock'n'roll this time, with lots of electric guitars (yeah, you get to drool over some tasty Telecasters in this video).

Tele-Vision from Ethan Winer on Vimeo.

So there you go. I did this post just to share these two incredible music videos with you, faithful reader. Enjoy!


  1. Incredible! Thanks.

    I'll endeavor to be a more faithful reader this fall, Roy.

  2. Well that was cool. I love the way he changed clothes, and sometimes had his glasses, sometimes not. Don't you wonder how someone even thinks to do such a thing?

  3. Pfft Faithful Reader . . you've got loads of faithful readers And your taste in music is very eclectic. I learn something every time I visit. Thank you.

  4. Roy, this is one awesome guy! Thanks for the intro :)

  5. Wow ~ he really could be Woody's brother! :)

  6. I will seriously have to check this out this evening.

  7. what an amazingly talented artist --another to show nic! thanks!