Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Wheeee! It's Cinco de Mayo!

Okay, break out the tequilla and the Corona beer! It's Cinco de Mayo, celebrating Mexico's defeat of the occupying French forces in 1862. And here on Roy's World we're gonna boogie to some of the best music Mexico has ever given to the world. So c'mon down to the Boom-Boom Room here in Casa Roy and let's party down!

For the ladies in the crowd, here's some eye candy - Antonio Banderas in a video with Los Lobos singing Canción del Mariachi:

Next, let's stick with Los Lobos, the best band ever to come out of Mexico, and their tribute to another Mexican hero, Richie Valens, with their version of La Bamba:

And last but never, ever least, Mexico's gift to the whole freakin' Universe, and the god before whom I bow in everlasting worship, Carlos Santana, doing his most memorable hit, Oye Como Va:

Okay, twist my arm! I'll do one more, Santana doing Smooth, just because I can't not dance to it! And all y'all ladies can swoon over some more eye candy - Rob Thomas.

Okay, that's enough! I need to cool off with some Corona!


  1. Muy bueno!

    The Lobos are from Los Angeles and Carlos is from San Francisco, so you must be referring to their cultural roots?

    Anyway, you've shamed me into adding something on Citizen K.

  2. Los Lobos - I never get enough of their raw energy and guitars ...

    Thanks for the fix.

  3. All right, Roy, you've spurred me into action. I now have a couple C de M-worthy vids up on Citizen K.

  4. BTW, here's a true Los Lobos story. My late wife and I saw them in Austin around June 1984. I know the date is right because she was eight months pregnant and swore that our soon-to-born son danced in her womb the entire time!

    Another time, a friend and I saw them at Antone's in Austin. The show had been announced at the last minute, and when we pulled into the parking lot, practically no other vehicles were there. Except, that is, for a white van with an I [heart] Tortillas" bumper sticker. We knew we were in the right place.

  5. Whoops, that's what K said. Oh well, it is!

  6. Roy, Roy, Roy...I can always count on something cool on your site. Loved the music...and the eye candy...

  7. Hi Roy!

    I linked over from tut-tut's! What caught my eye was your avatar. Are you holding a dulcimer in your hands by any chance ???

    And this post - Ah Caramba! I relived my entire marriage (to a Honduran man) through your selection of songs. La Bamba was THE date song. So maybe the marriage didn't work, but I still like the beat of the latin rhythm. Just don't tell anyone, ok?


  8. Heh, heh! I'm glad everybody's enjoying the party. You get an extra day on this, too - I'm gonna be out and about today and probably won't have time for a new post today.

    Red Dirt Mule - Yup, that's a mountain dulcimer. It's my stress-relief strum.

  9. Woohoo! Did I miss the party?

  10. Thanks for the invite Roy....I will bring my Pacifico and limes! Love the Santana music....dating ourselves aren't we!!!

  11. ole! pass the tequila!

    love, love, love los lobos!!

  12. happy cinco de mayo, a day late, but why should the party stop. great tunes.

  13. I didn't tell you how much I enjoyed this! Morning coffee is so much better with a little spanish/mex twist! And that Antonio is not too hard to look at in the morning either!