Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Leftovers

Two shots I just had to post today. This first one is fresh, hot out of the camera. Heh, heh! I saw some things on my way to the grocery store this morning that needed recording. This is the one that I felt expressed the mood of the day best. We've been having foggy, rainy, humid, overcast weather for almost two weeks. Yesterday we got a break, actual blue skies for about half a day. Today we went back to foggy with occasional showers. Despite that, the flowers are popping up all over. We're at the height of our Cherry Blossom time right now, and this shot of Touro Park in the fog just makes the pink of the Cherry blossoms shine brighter!

For Theme Thursday this week I posted a shot of a classic schooner hull down before a stiff southwesterly, and I said I'd play with it to make it antiquey (yes, that's a word; at least, my spell checker didn't object!). I converted to black & white, but that didn't do exactly what I wanted, so I applied a brown filter to it, and that did the trick. And just to make the shot look in period I used the clone tool to remove the power boat that was off in the distance to the left in the shot. I like this version!

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I like that version, too.

    Thanks for both of these!

  2. Very cool!! It does look antiquey! I need to learn how to play with photos in photoshop because I really like some of the results you've gotten. The cherry blossom photo is beautiful. I love the feel...warm and lush! Since I was born on George Washington's birthday, I have a thing for cherry trees and always have them in my yard! This one is gorgeous.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful - both shots are fantastic.

    Seeing the first photo made me realize how much I miss the cherry blossoms of the east coast spring... sigh

    Here the iris are nearly done as are all the fruiting trees. I tire of the overplanting of Bradford Pears...

    And don't you just love to stand under cherry or apple trees as the petal fall like fragrant, warm smow...?

  4. I LOVE that first pic. It's a near perfect picture (or is that picture perfect).

    I've always love the sailing vessel and that looks way cool, Roy.

  5. Loveliest of trees, the cherry now
    Is hung with bloom along the bough,
    And stands about the woodland ride
    Wearing white for Eastertide.

    Love the pictures :)