Monday, May 18, 2009

Time Has Come Today!

The previous theme challenge on the group Snap Happy was "Telling Time". So I went around taking pictures of clocks and such around town. One of the shots, of the clock in Trinity Church's bell tower, actually placed in the contest (10th place, but hey, at least it got picked!). Here are the shots that I posted for the theme.

Top left: Ornamental clock at Victoria and Bellevue Aves. Top right: Clock and bell tower on a house on Dixon St. As far as I know this was a whim of the owner, and this building never served as a house of worship. Lower left: An old stone sundial block used as decoration on the DeLa Salle mansion. Lower right: The Trinity bell tower clock, overlookng Newport Harbor.

And last but not least, the clock in the old Colony House. This was the official government meeting hall in colonial times, built in 1739. It was from the balcony of the Colony House (just below this clock, in fact) that the Declaration of Independence was read to an excited crowd in 1776. Check out the Colony House's website for more information.

I have to put this next video here. The whole time I was putting this post together, this tune was running through my head - "Time Has Come Today" by the Chambers Brothers. Pure '60s! "My soul's been psychedelicized./ Time has come today!" Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. wonderful assortment of time keeping snaps...although I must say I might have difficulty with the sundial!

  2. like the clock street sign in the first pic. very cool!

  3. ...I love old clocks, and what an interesting display you've created. I also appreciate how you capture history and write about it. The Colony House clock...I would love to see it. The sundial...very cool.

  4. Thanks for sharing....I LOVE your photography.....and thanks too for the locations!!. Can hardly believe you only placed 10th....I think you could make money professionally and so many truly lovely venues to choose from in you part of New England....lucky lucky man!

  5. Love that song. But now it's tick tick ticking in my head! Oh wait, now Anthrax has taken over...

    Lovely photos and congratulations on placing in the Top Ten!

  6. I love this! Photos are great. And the Chambers Brothers! That one did not occur to me but if it had, I'd have used it. Nice.

  7. How did I miss this? Awesome, there is just something about clocks that I love. And what craftsmanship and artistic clocks the whole ball of wax are!

    thanks for sharing!