Wednesday, May 13, 2009

More from Yesterday

I wanted to showcase that cloud shot yesterday, so I left out some other shots I got on that little jaunt down the Cliff Walk. I decided to post them today instead, and here they are.

I like this one! I got this Song Sparrow singing so hard his chest is puffed out and even his "chin" feathers are jutting out in his effort to get that song out there and heard.

This is an American Painted Lady butterfly. It's not the first butterfly I've seen this season; it's not even the first of its kind. I've seen plenty , starting with a Mourning Cloak I saw in Ballard Park in March. I've seen other Mourning Cloaks since then, as well as the little Spring Azures flitting along the paths in Ballard Park. And the ubiquitous Mustard Whites and Cabbage Whites are everywhere, especially over the meadows. But none of them seem to want to sit for a portrait. So this Painted Lady gets the prize as my first butterfly shot of the season.

And finally, when I turned off the Cliff Walk and headed up Marine Ave., a nice, shaded dirt road that only the surfers seem to use, I came across a whole carpet of Dog Violets. For this one I got down flat on the ground to get a macro shot. The Violets are out, and that means it's almost Summer!

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I can smell this flower from here. Your pictures paint indelible images ...almost maybe I was walking in your footsteps just this morning?...only I am 3000 miles away. Thanks!!!!

  2. Beautiful, Roy. Now that my internet is working again, I can see it.

  3. ...beautiful photo of the Song Sparrow...such detail on the feathers! Your violet is blemish free. So many I've photographed have a little dent here...or a small tear there. Yours is perfect and beautiful.

  4. the colors in that last shot are amazing! great stuff roy!

  5. what great pics. I'm really enjoying your blog from a long way away in South Africa!