Thursday, May 21, 2009

Theme Thursday - Vacation

I live in a Summer resort town - Newport, RI. It seems this has always been so; even before Anne Hutchinson and her band of Massachusetts dissenters set foot on the north end of Aquidneck Island, clans in the Narragansett tribe came over from the mainland to enjoy the cooler air and ocean breezes. But Newport really hit the big time as a Summer getaway when all the New York robber barons like the Astors and the Vanderbilts started building their Summer "cottages" along the ocean front off Bellevue Ave. After that the lure filtered down to the middle class, until now Newport is considered one of the premier vacation spots on the US's east coast.

But I'm not going to do a big tourism thing about Newport; I refuse to be a shill for the Chamber of Commerce. For most of us who live here, tourism is a major pain. But it does provide some nice scenes for the photographer, and today I want to post one that to me says "Summer in Newport" - The schooner Aurora, deck awash in tourists, passing by the Rose Island Lighthouse.

Heh, heh! Okay, now I'm going to inflict two obnoxious "vacation" earworms on you. Sorry, I just couldn't help myself! The first one is Connie Francis singing "V A C A T I O N." This was definitely a sound of Summer when I was a kid!

The second is from a slightly later era. Remember Mungo Jerry? Ah, I love to see that cringe! Yup, here you go - "In the Summertime."

Photo & text © 2008 & 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. That's a great picture!

    Yup. You're right - they are definitely ear-worms, BUT pretty good ones. I've got one over at mine too (along with a poem), but Google's not cooperating on the publishing front.

    If you're a TT fan, I'm up!


  2. what a beautiful schooner!

    regrading the earworms - you are toooooo CRUEL, although I really did enjoy the vid accompanying mungo jerry's in the summertime.... but why am I thinking of maybe grilling some pork chops later?! they just don't do sideburns like they used to!

  3. Stunning, stunning pic! The color just pops.

    (shhh...don't tell, but I passed on the songs...teeheee)

  4. Great pics & music. Have lived in New England all my life, and have been to Newport a few times, but not in a LONG time. Need to take the kids!

  5. HA! Great songs still, Roy. I did make a reference to Connie's but couldn't get up a vid in time; thanks! Too, Blue Cheer's "Summertime Blues"( or heck, any version of that one, wouldv'e been cool, as well ). And love the light-house shot!

  6. OMG that is a fabulous photo you captured of the Schooner. So envious not to live there. I know the tourists probably get annoying...(I have been one while visiting my daughter in Jamestown)but the essence of New England is EVERYWHERE, from the oceans, bays, Salt Box houses, flags....all Americana....lucky you! Thanks for sharing.

  7. Thanks everybody!

    Kat, I'm heading out to look at TT entries in a little. I'll take a look (and a listen).

    Kim, those mutton-chops absolutely killed me!

    Aw, c'mon Willow! You know you want to listen.

    Wings, Newport opens for business this weekend.

    Subby, I almost went with the video of Eddie Cochran singing "Summertime Blues" on a TV appearance, but I wanted to go with a funnier, "hokier" approach.

  8. love the pic...the boat makes it. fun happy TT!

  9. I hope it's okay that I didn't cringe from Mungo Jerry--I love that song!

  10. Crazy sideboards!

    He's named after one of T.S. Eliot's practical cats.

    Nice red sails.

  11. Yea Mungo Always reminds Me of Summer.I didnt realise it was a song know in the States!

  12. Those sure are some "Summer Cabins." Just the little house, huh? Those songs will be stuck in my head until I can pass them on to someone else! Fun.

  13. Thanks everybody!

    Tony, "In the Summetime" was huge in the US. Nothing else from Mungo Jerry, just that one song.

    Ronda, yeah I'm evil that way. Heh, heh!

  14. I love summer in Nwe England, grew up in Ct. never made to RI. So close yet so far away. Well now that I an landlocked in TX I really miss the waters of the east coast! Wah!:(

  15. Tourists can be annoying, but they are good for some things, I suppose. Great picture!

  16. Love that schooner. Red sails are so romantic. I wonder why. Your coastline looks fabulous. It's no wonder everybody wants to holiday there.

  17. QUICK! Name two songs by Mungo Jerry! (Heck, I'll bet people who own their hit single don't know what's on the flip side.)

    Had to pass on the Connie Francis tune, eh, Roy?

    That first photo was absolutely GORGEOUS, by the way!

  18. Thanks folks!

    Debo, I have a friend who lives in Ft. Worth. She grew up in Tampa-St. Pete and lived in Louisiana for 12 years before ending up in TX. She regularly curses me for being able to get fresh-out-of-the-ocean seafood and fish.

    Sandra, I often wonder about that, too. "Red sails in the sunset..."

    Silver Fox, some of the YouTube videos were made from the album version, and I'll bet most Americans would scratch their heads and think: "They made an album?" And oh yes, I passed on that Connie Francis with malice aforethought! Bwahahaha!

  19. While station in Mystic, CT we used to make it Newport a lot. We have done several walking tours in the "summer cottages" we absolutely, loves its history. Being a raised a Floridian in West Palm beach, I used to hear lots of stories about New England and Newport didn't disappoint.

  20. I have heard that rhode island has the best beaches when considering the northern atlantic--never been yet but it is on the list along with big houses of newport. Your song choices were great--I can remember sitting on my front porch drinking soda in cut-off denim shorts and flip flops listening to Wabc and Mungo would come on---heaven. great post-best c

  21. Heh Heh, "earworms".
    Not crazy about the tunes, but your photos are indeed breathtaking.