Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I went back to the Dykeman Walking Trail and the Duck Ponds today, just to see if I could catch up to the birds who were staying out of my range the other day. Alas, no such luck! The Belted Kingfisher succeeded in staying out of my range again, as did other birds. I even flushed a pair of Great Blue Herons by the north duck pond, and several times at that, without ever getting a shot. Oh well, at least I know they're there.

Today I started at the ballpark end and ended up at the Duck Ponds. I was paying a lot of attention to water and bridges, as you'll see. This first set of shots was taken north of the railroad embankment, near the ball fields and in the marsh and woods between them and the railroad.

Burd Run passing under a bridge and through some Duckweed.

As you can see, water in the cattail marsh is frozen. It's chilly here!

An old truck bridge (there used to be a gravel quarry where the ball fields are now) over a branch of Burd Run.

And the following shots were all taken in the Duck Ponds park. That Belted Kingfisher had me running back and forth chasing her (it's a female) for a picture, and then I flushed the two Great Blue Herons, so I covered a lot more territory this time, plus saw some scenes I missed before. I also went across Dykeman Road to visit the south pond and found it really pretty boring and not photogenic at all. Oh well...

A birdhouse in the marsh next to the north pond, and the bridge I showed you the other day.

Burd Run coming down from Dykeman Road.

This old sign was semi-hidden in the brush beside the trail.

And yes, the Mallards are still hanging out in the Duck Ponds.

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. There is a lot of excitement and beauty here in this park so late in the year!

  2. I'm glad you have found a place to wander. Each morn I check the weather back home and it seems the cold has really settled in. Brrrrr. Maybe next time you will catch the herons.

  3. Love the birdhouse...a purple martin house, right? I've always wanted to put one up in the back yard and see if I could attract some martins!

    I've only seen a King Fisher once. Still, it was a fun siting that I still remember!

    So what's up with the birds not posing for you? LOL! Maybe those Pennsylvania birds are more snooty than NJ birds! ha. Hope they come out and pose for you real soon. :)

  4. and that old truck bridge looks like it's seen better days! Did you walk over it?

  5. I didn't see any boring pictures in the bunch.

    I especially like the first one though

  6. wonderful snaps even if the pa birdies are playing hard to get....thanks goodness for the gregarious mallards!

  7. See it doesn't really matter where you are, you can still find something beautiful to photograph.

  8. great pics Roy. Just a question... how many shots must take to find so many good ones that you put up on the blog?

  9. Ciao ROY from Italy,
    I love your work. non parlo la tua lingua. posso dire che il tuo mondo è meraviglioso, e ti ringrazio per l tua sensibilità verso la natura, che noi umani stiamo piano piano distruggendo.
    Bellissime le tue fotografie, qualcuna la metterò nel mio blog...per ricordare il tuo paradiso.
    Ciao and...congratulations
    From Italy...near Bologna