Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Everyday Abstract

It's still too cold and windy to go traipsing about outdoors for photos; aside from personal discomfort, that kind of cold also drains power out of batteries far faster than plain old use does. So I looked around for things around me that grabbed my attention. I've done abstract studies of everyday objects before; this just happens to be a new set of subjects. And of course I've always considered black and white to be the ideal format for abstraction.

Cut crystal vase

Table lamp


© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. beautiful! and i agree about the black and white!

  2. wow.. those would make great greeting cards.. luv 'em!

  3. Geez, Roy, these are like 30s movie stills. Do more of this?

    Are you anywhere near Gettysburg? You could do some amazing work there, especially in the off season.

  4. Thanks, folks!

    K, I'm just over South Mountain from Gettysburg, about 25 miles away. Unfortunately I don't drive, so it's not likely I'll get over there often (and no, there's absolutely no public transportation system here).

  5. Ooh love the table lamp. I really should do some b&w. You don't drive? Gawd I'd be stranded without a license.

  6. Excellent images, Roy. You have a great eye, my friend. The chandelier is my favorite.