Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday Scenes

The weather actually cleared up after yesterday's rain. The original forecast had been rain through the whole weekend, so this was an unexpected bonus. Needless to say, I got myself out the door!

The first place I visited was Ballard Park where, deep in the woods, I found a tree that seemed to be a butterfly magnet. There was this Red Admiral...

...and this Mourning Cloak...

...and this Question Mark butterfly, all on the tree near each other.

Around the corner and down the road I got this view of Gooseneck Cove from Hazard Rd.

And on the home stretch I got this shot of reflections on Newport Harbor from King Park. As you can see, the harbor is emptying out after the season.

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. All three of these beauties were on the same tree? Amazing! Great shots, Roy.

  2. The reflections on the water in Newport harbor reminds me of the opening shots in "Jazz on a Summers' Day"

  3. Thanks, Willow!

    Alan, it's probably the same view 50 years later. Stern wandered all over Newport getting shots to intersperse with the musical performances. I love that movie!

  4. Hi Roy,
    I found your blog via Patrice Lynn Young's...I am so glad I did! Enjoy the photos and the 'lyrics' immensely...would you let me know if it is okay to add your blog to my blog list?


  5. GetSoiled - Thank you! and please do add me to your blog list!

  6. Roy, these are even better on close-up! And do love the harbour snap, as well :)

  7. Your butterflies are wonderful! And I have never seen a Mourning Cloak. What an apt name.

    Rain moved off quickly here too - then right back in today!

  8. ...ooohh...I've never seen a Mourning Cloak...that is quite a stunning butterfly. I like the angle of the capture too.
    ...and the fungus in the previous post is so cool. I think it should be called Pumpkin-wannabe Fungus (it certainly is a happy autumn color).