Saturday, October 10, 2009

Down to Ochre Point

Today started out overcast and gloomy, with little schpritzes every now and then. But I went down to the Cliff Walk anyhow; I like the ocean when it gets moody in Autumn's unsettled weather. There was some surf, and the surfers were out, but the only shots I got that had any of the kind of drama I want in my surfing photos were two shots of the waves whacking people. Heh, heh! More dramatic was the action of the waves on the rocks, so there are two nice shots of that phenomenon, too. And to round it all out, a shot of how dramatic the sky was looking when I was down there. Yup, drama was everywhere today down at Ochre Point.

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger
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  1. That soft grey light is so, so perfect for photography even if it does look a bit chilly on the Lilly! I'm heading out towards the harbour today in brilliant sunshine . . always makes for too many shadows. Great shots as usual Roy.

  2. Love it! The sun is now out! I'm a'headin' for the Berkshires, on the morrow! It's foliage time!

    Great cloud pic Roy, especially :)

  3. schpritzes...I like that word! :)

    Have I mentioned lately that I'm extremely jealous of your location? Ohio just doens't have an ocean! ha!

  4. That first picture really moves. You caught the moment. Great cloud find in the grey sky.

  5. Thanks for sharing.I really love all sorts of pictures about the ocean.Really nice!:)

  6. Great sufer pics! We had ain today to start off, but we did actually see the sun a couple of times!