Friday, October 09, 2009

Forest Floor

Lance-leaved Goldenrod in the Aspen Grove at Ballard Park.

Below is a slideshow I created over a year ago called "Forest Floor", featuring macro shots of the plant life on the forest floor in Ballard Park, and set to the music of Paul McCandless, "At First Sight", from his 1992 CD Premonition. Enjoy!

© 2008 & 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger
PS - Check out my newest post on the Just A Song blog: "What a Wonderful World" featuring the original performance by Louis Armstrong and a beautiful, lyrical performance by the late, great Eva Cassidy.


  1. ...these are beautiful images. I love your slide show. I really liked the acorn image--it really jumped out at me, and the vines on the rock...

  2. Beautiful specially on a rainy morning like there's here!

  3. Great macros, Roy! And love the song! Actually found that version on playlist but the link was broken :(

  4. Eva Cassidy, what a voice!
    And the name McCandless reminds me of another unfortunate young person who died prematurely.