Friday, October 16, 2009


It's Friday, and it sounds like a lot of people in my own little blogging circle have had a stressful week. I stumbled across this video (PZ Myers featured it on his Pharyngula blog last night) by a cinematographer named Jon Rawlinson, who hails from Vancouver, BC. It's a tank in the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium called Kuroshio Sea, the second largest aquarium tank in the world. The music is "Please Don't Go" by Barcelona.

I just thought this was so relaxing, and the perfect thing to decompress from a stressful week with. PZ suggested that the Aquarium folks ought to just aim a camera at the tank and film until they have enough to fill a DVD, and then sell the thing; they'd make millions! Way better than that aquarium screensaver.

And since Baino seems to have had one of those weeks, and it's her birthday to boot, consider this a birthday present, luv! Many happy returns, and have fun at your secret breakfast.


  1. Beautiful.

    Like the people in the video, I've taken miles of film and video at aquariums. It never matches the actual experience. This comes awfully close, though.

  2. I needed to relax! It's making me sick.

    Thanks for the soothing video. Much, much appreciated!

  3. Oh Roy you're so sweet. I've seen it before and it's just compelling. I'm amazed they've got basking sharks in there, fantastic things. I never noticed the diver before! Breakfast was glorious at a rather unusual garden centre not to far from us, and I got a 50mm lens which is awesome. Feeling very chill on this lovely sunny Saturday afternoon. Thanks so much.

  4. That is friggin' awesome!!!!!!!