Sunday, February 08, 2009

Sunday's Scenes

I went for a ramble today, but not too long into my wander through the most scenic stretch of the walk, a wicked squall line came through with really ripping winds blowing a spattering of rain horizontally. And in the aftermath of the squalls came increased steady winds. So my photo shoot ended because I was too busy hanging on to my hat! But here are two shots I got on Gooseneck Cove before the drama set in.

Mallards on Gooseneck Cove

An icy Gooseneck Cove

Tomorrow I'll post my assignment from The Mouse: 10 takes on the letter "B".


  1. the mallards and their reflections!

  2. GReat fish! Good luck with B; a great letter.

  3. What ? No photos of the squall? I scrolled down so fast to see the storm I rolled my mouse right off his pad.

    I do like the ducks, though. Used to have a pair named (ahem) Quaker and Quakle... (very original)