Sunday, February 15, 2009


On my walk today I didn't find much in the way of wildlife, but it did yield some nice landscape shots. And oddly enough, I took pictures of three different coves, two coming off the ocean - Gooseneck Cove and Price's Cove - and the other off the south end of Newport Harbor - Brenton Cove.

A hillside above Gooseneck Cove

Looking across Price's Cove to Price's Neck

A Brenton Cove scene


  1. Oh my, such beauty. You know, that first shot really looks at first glance like a painting.. those textures and colours just beg to be on canvas. Lovely lovely!!!

  2. Just been over to look at your 'b' pictures! Beautiful- and these pictures of coves- also beautiful. I can almost imagine myself there :)

  3. I like the rocks in the second picture. For some reason, they really add to it - I don't know why.

  4. There is a vastness to each of these photographs - so much color and texture and wide open space. I, too, love the rocks emerging from the water like whales backs...

    Very nice. So different from things around here.

  5. Oh boy, oh boy. Absolutely beautiful. Why am I still living in the middle of this country instead of on one of the coasts? Your photos are good coastal marketing tools!