Saturday, February 14, 2009


I shot this one last March in the spectacular surf we got after a passing Winter storm. We get our best surf here in the Winter - the weather that effects the surf most comes up the East Coast more often in Winter than in Summer, except for the rare tropical storm that makes it this far north. We have a very active surfing community here in Newport, and an active corps of photographers who flock down to Ruggles Ave., the best surfing spot in a 20-mile radius. Heh, heh! If there's big surf and a bunch of surfers out there off Ochre Point, you'll find a good 5 to 10 of us lined up along the green-painted metal railing along that section of the Cliff Walk, with our telephoto lenses and tripods (or monpods), shooting like mad, and talking together between the sets (waves come in "sets" of three, with long pauses in between). But when a set hits and everybody sits up on their boards and starts paddling, we're all business! I'll have to put together a photo essay of my best surf shots. Meanwhile, today you get to see poor Jerry flipped in the air by a wave that fooled him.

Which is my way of saying that I didn't get any shots today worth sharing, and couldn't think of anything profound to put up here. I did put together a nice, kinda fonky playlist there in the sidebar in a very Mardi Gras sort of mood. So enjoy that, and applaud Jerry for the good show.

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  1. Dude...awesome photo! (you're good...)

  2. One of my favorite walks is the pier in San Clemente, you can look down on all the surfers waiting. They don't wear the full suits like that, though! How cold is the water there?

    What a great shot that is!

  3. what a terrific photograph - every thing about it is perfect - compostition, captured movement, contrast, etc. man you are good!

    as long as the lake isn't totally fozen, they surf in cleveland year around - the wave action is nothing like this - but I guess those that hear the surf, whenever it calls must listen.

  4. I spend a few very happy minutes looking at those photo's and the written words. I loved that stone wall most and, of course, the hapless surfer. For the first couple of seconds I thought it was a bronze statue.