Saturday, February 07, 2009

Scenes from the Macro-World – Husks

(This article was originally posted on on 11/04/08.)

Summer's wildflower
shed its rainbow-colored robe
for a Winter shroud.

© 2008 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Beautiful; have you seen the book Weeds in Winter?

  2. tut-tut, that's not a book I've ever heard of. I'll have to look that up. Thanks.

  3. Love this series of photos.... Seed pods and dried seed heads are fascinating, intricate, and beautiful. Nice poem too!

  4. Oh no - cockleburrs! A horsewoman's enemy... They are beautiful though. One reason I never cut my flowers back at end of season? It's especially lovely to see all these shapes and textures coated in ice in mid-winter.

  5. weeds in winter, i am so gonna look for that. i was thinking of checking out a bookstore today. there is a antique/vintage one down the road, past the cow farm! i so love living out here.

    roy, these are some of my very favorite photos, i remember they inspired some of the ones i took at the museum.