Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sights Seen on Saturday

I've been on a quest to find a phantom flock of Snow Geese for a while now. One person told me they were on Brenton Cove, so that's where I went last week (hence the Brenton Cove shot in my Coves post). They weren't there. This week someone else told me no, no, no, the geese were in the fields at Hammersmith Farm (which is next door to Brenton Cove). So that's where I went today. Still no Snow Geese, but I did spot some other interesting things.

Last October I did a photo shoot in Battery Belton, an abandoned gun battery on the grounds of Fort Adams, and posted a photo essay on it for an "urban decay" group on Well, Fort Adams is right next door to Hammersmith Farm, so while on my wild goose chase I passed by Battery Belton again.

And going up close, I saw this pillbox/observation post, which I totally missed last Fall. And what's worse about missing it is that it's outside the fence surrounding the battery proper. So this time I got some shots.

As you can see, somebody's been using this as a bit of a hideaway. I suspect it's fishermen using it as a place to picnic out of the hot sun in Summer. The Narragansett Bay is about 100 yards out that window, and that stretch of shoreline is a very popular fishing spot.

On the way back to town I passed this ram in Hammersmith Farm. I saw him on the way in, but he ignored me then, being preoccupied; he was rump up and snout down chowing on the grass. But when I came back he was up and alert. I sear he saw the camera and knew what it was for, because he immediately started posing. This shot and the shot below are the best of the session.

Ah! Another productive Saturday!

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. What a poser that ram was. Great shots Roy ... and I especially love the wooly friends!

  2. Beautiful photographs as always... I love the ram as I used to raise 4-Horned Jacob Sheep... They do seem to love posing - except for the lambs, who hide behind Mom or run like mad. And the rams didn't their name from having sweet dispositions.

  3. Hey no snow! great shots. What a sheep!

  4. what a handsome guy.....soon it will be baby lamb season!!!!!

  5. ...interesting fun to come across things like that. The ram is beautiful!!!