Thursday, January 29, 2009

Theme Thursday - Kitchen

After telling Kim that I couldn't post any pictures of my kitchen for this week's Theme Thursday, I realized I actually did have some shots that wouldn't bring the Board of Health down on me to declare my apartment a hazardous waste dump. So here they are.

My kitchen reflected in the microwave's window (note the portrait of the artist in the lower right):

The next shot is a moody available light shot (with some Photoshop™ tweaking to enhance the mood) of my kitchen window:

This final shot is from last Summer, an entry in a photography group challenge for July of '08 - still life in black and white. This shot won me first place in the challenge:

And there you have it, my kitchen Theme Thursday.


  1. wonderful contribution to tt!!

    who would have thought to use a microwave for a self-portrait!

    I have a fondness for mortars and pestles? hmmmm good idea for a theme....(a few months from now! as I have to get a stash for the archives!)

  2. p.s. thanks for playing - 'roy plays well with others' most excellent quality!