Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Big Picture

Kim the mouse from mouse medicine showed me how to make my photos fill more of the page, so if you look at some of my previous posts (like yesterday's) you'll see that previously small pictures are now a good deal larger. There are some other shots that I've posted as part of photo essays that I thought I'd showcase in their full glory as well. Heh, heh! Look out, I have a new toy to play with!

I'm particularly proud of this shot. This is a White-Throated Sparrow who was flitting all around me in Ballard Park. I kind of aimed the camera in the general direction and got some shots off. This one worked:

This one was part of a series of photos I took for a weekly theme "challenge" on a photography group on The theme was music, and this shot actually got first place. I like working in black & white. Most often I'll shoot a scene both in color and in b&w (ain't digital life grand, when you can shoot 'em like that in the same camera side by side?) and then "develop" the color shot as a b&w in Photoshop™. Nine times out of ten the "developed" shot works better than the one actually shot in b&w. And that takes us right back to the days of developing your own shots in your own darkroom, because the steps I follow to create a b&w shot in Photoshop™ are just the digital equivalents of the processes used to make b&w prints in the darkroom. As much as a lot of the old-fashioned "I only shoot on film" photographers complain about digital photography, it's really taking us back to the old days in the art, when each photographer had complete control over what got printed on that piece of paper. And here's a prime example:

And there you have it. You'll be seeing more of these full-size shots from now on; some things just need to be seen in all their glory!


  1. Tremendous detail on the White-throated Sparrow! What sort of lens did you use? The B&W photo is unusual and cool.

  2. Kelly, I have a Canon PowerShot S5 IS. It isn't an SLR, it only has the one lens (12x zoom that it is), although with a barrel adapter I also use a Raynox 2.2x telephoto and a 0.5 wide angle. No attachments on this one, and the zoom was all the way out, so this was a focal length of 432mm. I always have the camera set to manual, no automatics, so I get to control aperture and shutter speed. This was shot at f/4.0 and 1/500 sec. shutter speed.

  3. Your photos are lovely. The perspective of the guitar shot is great. It reminds me of the terrific lines in paintings that my art teacher taught me to pay attention to.

  4. the larger format is WONDERFUL...I adore both photos...that white throated sparrow is the sweetest! you definitely should be proud of that photo it is fantastic.

    I definitely need to get photoshop on my computer....

  5. roy, fantastic detail. birds elude me. the little bits of seed still on the beak and the yellow.

    okay, i have a link to my new etsy shop on my blog, or go to and search arleenophotography. i am gonna give it a shot selling my urban pics. i also have a cranberrycreekherbs shop on etsy for the other side of me.

    roy, I KNOW your photos will sell. after researching the few others selling prints on ebay and seeing what has sold...