Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Old Stone Tower in Snow

The Old Stone Tower in Touro Park has become the unofficial symbol of Newport. Archaeological evidence backs up the accepted story that this structure was built in Colonial times, most likely by colonial governor Benedict Arnold (great-grandfather of the infamous Benedict), on whose land it stood, around 1660, supposedly as a mill.

But of course, old towers being the mysterious figures they are, there are many romantic tales about the tower's origins. The most popular theory is that it was built by Vikings from Vinland, but the Portuguese have also laid claim to it, and even the Irish claim it was a church built by St. Brendan during his voyage to the West to evangelize Tir Nan Og.

So there it stands, atop the highest hill above Newport Harbor, in a grassy park on Bellevue Avenue, surrounded by picnickers on Summer Sundays. But it's Winter now, and catching it standing there in the swirling snow this morning led to this.

The Old Stone Tower in Snow

Old stone tower atop the hill.
Mystery, enigma, it stands silent
and tells no tales of its past.
And now in Winter it stands
shrouded in a swirl of
wind-blown snow.

For more information on Newport's Old Stone Tower you can visit its Wikipedia entry.

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. roy, we're blogging together...hehe. the photo of this old tower is so lovely shrouded in the wintry snowfall.

  2. Fantastic Shot! History is like a river and with enough bends and curves we make the past up as we go.


  3. thanks for dropping in at the mouse and the lovely comment....

    roy's world rocks! such a gift toul to discover kindred spirits out there in the have a wonderful eye - I love your photos - the tower and especially the cemetery monuments in snow...

    I look forward coming over for frequent nibbles!

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