Monday, January 19, 2009

Fresh Snow

Fresh snow overnight - unexpected, not forecast - pulled me out the door and down the road this morning, camera in hand. I had no say in the matter, I merely lifted my feet and let the inevitable tide sweep me away. As the Borg say: "Resistance is futile."

Snowy woods in Ballard Park

A White-throated Sparrow in Ballard Park

Ice wall in Ballard Park

A snowy trail in Ballard Park

Mallards in the snow along Gooseneck Cove at Hazard Rd.

More Mallards in the snow along Gooseneck Cove at Hazard Rd.

Gooseneck Cove Reflections - looking north from the Green Bridge

A female Red-fronted Merganser on Gooseneck Cove

A fairytale scene on Gooseneck Cove

A Mute Swan on Gooseneck Cove

A scene on Beacon Hill Rd.

Floating ice in Newport Harbor

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I love pictures of snow, but hate the stuff in person. These are some stunning bird shots particularly, but I like animals. I also like the trees and snow pictures.

    You're so talented. And skilled.

  2. wonderful pictures....unlike stephanie I love the stuff in person! the bird shots are spectular especially the little white throated sparrow.

  3. omg, roy these are some of your best photos, the ducks and the ice...resistance is futile - hey there;s a new star trek making it's way.

  4. Beautiful them all. The White-throated Sparrow is very cute. Love his jaunty little pose.