Monday, January 05, 2009


These shots were all taken for the November/December (the previous winner was new to the group and had a hard time picking a winner, so we started and ended the challenge late) challenge on the Intense Photography Challenge group on The challenge was to photograph curves. I won the challenge, and my reward was to pick the challenge for January and be the judge. I picked "distorted reflections", i.e. reflections in water, glass, mirrors, whatever is a reflective surface, but they need to be distorted somehow (by ripples in water, broken window, wavy glass, one person has even done a double reflection through two glass doors). Heh, heh! I can be evil when I want to be!

I shot most of these on 11/12/08, and the last one (the actual winner) was shot on 11/18. I did these in black and white just because it felt right to do it that way. I really felt like I was channeling Ansel Adams for this.

And the winner is:

© 2008, 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


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  2. oh, roy i miss you on gather. i seem to be getting around facebook okay, though i really like the openness of gather. i have been motivated to get my blogs updated as of late.

    these photos, 'curves' every single one is AMAZING. i am determined to come knocking on your door one say, herb tea in one hand, camera in the other and beg for a tour of your town. hugs, arleen

  3. yes, i deleted my first comment, a few glasses of wine and some typos...