Thursday, May 21, 2020

Visiting the Burd Run Restoration Park

I decided to go over to the Burd Run Riparian Restoration Project park, just a little downstream from the Brookside wetland. The Spring floods and windstorms haven't been kind to it; there are a couple of places where broken limbs and other flood debris have dammed up the creek somewhat and a good part of the paths at the north end aren't walkable because of mud or water. So I didn't get as many shots there as I usually get. I did, however, finally manage to get a shot of a Green Heron, sitting in a Willow over the wetland pool and observation deck and pretending I couldn't see it for all the leaves. It didn't work, which it finally figured out and flew across the pool to a Maple across the way and out of my range. All in all a pleasant walk on an equally pleasant day.

A Catbird nattering away on a branch over the creek
A small Willow grove by the creek
Green Hawthorn, also known as Southern Hawthorn, growing by the creek
The Green Heron pretending it's hiding
© 2020 by A. Roy Hilbinger

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  1. ...nice photo of the catbird. They are such fun birds! I like the Green Heron too!