Friday, September 09, 2011


Here are some leftover shots from last Saturday's hike in the Dykeman Wetlands. It's been raining ever since, so I don't have anything any "fresher", but I needed to share these.

The Black Walnuts are ready to pick.

I just liked this one.

© 2011 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I like that one too! Actually, like them both. I hope your ok--I know the rain in Pennsylvania is pretty serious at this point, flooding & so forth. Here's hoping for blue skies.

  2. me three!

    your left-overs are mighty delicious eye candy. thanks for sharing your world!!

    hope the dykeman wetlands are spared from the horrible flooding hitting your region.


  3. ...yep...the ivy on the tree is cool. With the bone-dry summer we had, the rain is good, but it sure hard to get used to the lack of sunshine. I hope clouds retreat for a while!

  4. I love the shades of green. I shelled/cracked MANY, MANY black walnuts as a child! My mother LOVES them!

  5. Oh, I can see why you like the ivy on the bark. That's a really cool shot!

  6. You can almost smell the richness of the rain.