Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Forward in All Directions!

Welcome to the Crazy Loquat Club in the town of Szegerely on the Balkan Peninsula, which is where this motley crew of musicians holds forth every Friday night. Who are they? Why, it's 3 Mustaphas 3!

I used to listen to these guys a lot back in the '80s and '90s. They're not really Balkan, they're a collection of British musicians who create multicultural music, and who created a mythical backstory to make the trip even more fun. They've since broken up but still get together from time to time, in various iterations, to recreate the magic. I won't get into the details here - it's far too complicated for a mere blog post - but you can click on the link above to go read the Wikipedia article on them. I just wanted to take you to the Crazy Loquat Club to have some fun. Take it to the fridge!

Click here for more Mustapha madness. And make sure you wear your fez!


  1. ...that first video is a hoot. Fun post...

  2. Wow, what a romp, musical & otherwise! I'll have to look into these folks a bit more.

  3. From watching the video (I had never heard of them)it would seem that under all that questionable comedy, they are rather good musicians.

  4. Roy, I watched video #1. These guys are so fun~!
    They remind me of a David Byrne Talking Heads mixed w/ Monty Python.

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