Thursday, September 22, 2011

Fall Harvest

I'll be at work tomorrow for the Autumnal Equinox, so this is my blog post for that event. There aren't as many signs of approaching Fall here in central PA as there usually are back in Newport at this time, but there are some. For instance, the harvest is winding down and there are still goodies for eating popping up in the countryside...

There are two Chestnut trees in the front yard, and they actually do produce nuts.

Of course, pumpkins are everywhere.

And acorns are underfoot in the woods, waiting to be scooped up by the Squirrels and the Groundhogs.

For me, Fall and Winter are the most Pagan of the seasons; I feel closer to the earth then, and the holidays associated with the "dark side" of the wheel of the year - Samhain and Yule - are closer to my heart. The cooler temperatures, the colors, the snow, fires on the hearth, candles, evergreens... For some reason this atmosphere warms me and I feel closer to the earth, and that in turn makes me feel more Pagan. There's music that I usually play around this time of year, as well. In the past I've usually posted music from Loreena McKennitt here this time of year, but this year I'd like to post something different. Jethro Tull's Songs from the Wood album was the first music I ever heard that was overtly pagan and seems to go so well with the season (even though there are songs about Beltane and other Spring/Summer celebrations on the album). So here is the entire album for your enjoyment.

Photos & text © 2011 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Well! After my Tull-related comment on your last post, you know I appreciated this one. Now that I've admired the photos, I have something to listen to while I do my housework. Thanks!

  2. Beautiful photos--that chestnut photo is really quite amazing. Still quite summery out here in the Rose City too.

  3. great photos (as always) - walked through a sea of chestnut husks just yesterday in dc's lincoln park and identified the tree and nuts for a friend.

    happy fall!

  4. Such an alien thing here. I remember 'conkers' from being a child. My dad sprained his ankle more than once harvesting chestnuts. Lovely depiction of fall although I'll miss your lake this year and the gorgeous colours.