Thursday, April 01, 2010

Theme Thursday - Yellow

So here are some yellow things in my neighborhood.

And now to the videos! It seems that the color yellow brings out my inner hippie (which was never very "inner" in the first place); all my videos seem to hark back to the psychedelic '60s. For instance, I give you Donovan and "Mellow Yellow":

Then there's always the late, great Frank Zappa and "Don't Eat the Yellow Snow":

And finally, the Beatles swim around in their "Yellow Submarine". It's all just so groovy!

Photos & text © 2008, 2009, & 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger

Note - In case anyone was worrying, we didn't get the floods down here by the ocean. But please keep the poor embattled people up around the Pawtuxet and Blackstone Rivers in the Greater Providence area in mind.


  1. Yellow isn't one of my favorite colors, but I have to admit you have some pretty yaller things up there.

  2. eye popping photos!!

    your bird pictures are always so amazing!

    i scoured my archives for a snap of some yellow snow (well actually I just thought about whether i had ever taken such a snap)

    glad to hear that newport was spared, very tragic about the rest of the state, hope recovery goes smoothly.

  3. Dynamite stuff Roy! Great song pics and love the flowers. What are the two birdies? They are so beautiful. Love your post today.

  4. Excellent subjects and songs...I had all those songs. You got some great shots of those birds...

  5. love the photos! But then I always do!

  6. There are only a few of us on this board that remember actually singing "They Call It Mellow Yellow....that's right friend". I always love your posts

    Love your sorry to watch your state struggling through the weather on the nightly news...
    Trisha @

  7. Great pics and love the music. Big fan of the sixties.

    The Clean White Page

  8. hmm...i guess i'm not a big fan of 'yellow' songs. But songs with 'sun' seem catchy!

    And this reminds me, i need to get my hummingbird feeder up and running; the little buggers are probably making their way back by now.

  9. Great pictures, and I love the "cartoonish" presentation of the videos. Good job.

    I'm glad you didn't get too much water. My daughter lives in southeastern MA, and she's beginning to be taken with the idea of her indoor swimming pool in the basement. ;-)

  10. You have slow children in Newport? Really must do something about that. And yellow fire hydrants? What's the world coming to, they're supposed to be RED there'll be yellow fire engines next!

    How did I know that Frank Zappa would make an appearance here!

  11. Thanks everybody! Yeah, birds tend to be my specialty.

    Kim - Just follow the huskies!

    California Girl - The top bird is a male American Goldfinch; the bottom bird is a Yellow Warbler.

    Trisha - I don't know; Donovam and his song popped up a lot today on the Theme Thursday posts.

    Baino - In this part of the world yellow is what color fire hydrants are. It must be an East Coast thing. And yeah, I'm definitely a Frank Zappa hippie!

  12. Ahh, the sixties...outrageous times, indeed. As you know, I posted on Donovan, but also love Yellow Submarine. I mentioned on another blog, I have very fond memories of 2 guys in our group of friends walking down the street singing this song as loud as they could. Free spirits, they were. Fun times!
    Your birds are also very beautiful : )

  13. Ditto that your bird pictures are amazing. Like your made me smile !

  14. wow, American goldfinches are much golder than British goldfinches

    lovely sunny photos