Thursday, April 22, 2010

Theme Thursday - Draft

Some of you probably figured I was going to go this way on this theme. I'm not a big football fan, so the NFL draft isn't a biggie for me, and not being a writer, I don't have any drafts, rough, first, or otherwise. But who can deny the beauty of draft beer, fresh from the tap? Ahhhhhhh! How come bottled beer never tastes like this?

I knew I had to get a shot of beer taps; luckily my next-door neighbor is the Café 200, so I walked over and asked Pat, the owner, if I could do a shoot of his taps. That's them below left. And that's my own collection of beer glasses below right. Now about that bottom shot... I usually don't post photos that aren't my own, but this one is so gorgeous, and so much better than any of my shots that it gives me a goal to strive for. It's the tap line in a London pub © by Bruno Girin in 2005 (license information posted at the foot of this article).

This week's videos are entirely in keeping with this beer take on the theme - three of my favorite Guinness commercials. Have a Guinness, it's good for you! Oh, and don't forget - good things come to those who wait!

Photos & text © 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger, except the London pub tapline picture, © 2005 by Bruno Girin and used under Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike 2.0 Generic license


  1. sláinte!

    but roy why in the world would you say you aren't a writer!!

    bruno's picture is lovely almost as nice as most of the ones you take!

    gotta love those guinness commercials!

    happy theme thursday roy!

  2. ps we will have to remember arthur day come sept 24th!

    i wonder if we can find funding to send a delegation to the mothership in dublin!

  3. Did one of those Guinness-drinking revelers say "To parsnip!"???!!!

    Remember when Guinness used to award an Irish pub to whoever came up with the best advertising slogan?

    Fun stuff, indeed.

  4. Maybe no first drafts, but you're a writer! As for Guinness... it really is good for you :)

  5. I love the look of icy 'draught' taps (you yanks can't spell!) and Guinness do some of the best commercials ever but sadly, I can't stomach the stuff. Great in casseroles as it makes awesome gravy and not bad as a hair rinse for shine!

  6. most assuredly make it a guinness for me!

  7. I like what they come up for as commercials more than beer.... ! -J

  8. Entertaining refreshment! I love the Guinness "Evolution" commercial.

  9. As you can well imagine, that is my kind of post. Fascinated by the taps. Do they have any "hand-pulled" beer taps in the bar?

  10. Roy.It Is ,Indeed, Good For You!Cheers!

  11. I haven't even had my morning coffee yet, but now I'm thirsty for something else!

  12. First thing I thought when I saw the TT topic for this week. Glad somone ran with it. Lovely pics and hiariously refreshing ads. I favor the Evolution one best, but they all made laugh(and thirst;-). The "Dancing Man" kinda reminds me of Rowen Atkinson. Now that I think of it, "To Arthur" actually was the funniest.

    Re T.Clear: Yup, that guy said, "To parsnips!" Heh!Heh!

    Good one, Roy!