Saturday, April 24, 2010

Earth Day in Ballard Park

Well, okay, Earth Day was Thursday, but we had the annual festivities in Ballard Park today because everybody besides me has a job and can only do things on weekends. Earth Day in Ballard Park is always commemorated with a little bit of a clean-up for two hours (which I had to opt out of this year due to my crooked cervical discs acting up and shooting fire down my left arm if I over-exert) and a walk along the trails to look at the beauties of the park. Rather than having to always be stopping to take pictures and then having to run to catch up, I took note of possible photo ops and came back later to take pictures. What I have for you today are scenes of the Earth in Ballard Park waking up after a long Winter's sleep. Enjoy!

Ferns poking up out of the ground and uncurling themselves along the Twin Ledges Trail.

High Bush Blueberry blossoms on the Joseph Cotton overlook.

Shadbush (aka Serviceberry) blossoms along the Southwest Trail.

Wild Strawberry in the Quarry Meadow.

Ground Ivy near the entrance to the Quarry.

This Carolina Wren was singing away along road near the Hazard Rd. entrance to the park.

And this Chipping Sparrow was singing away on the other side of the entrance.

Wood Anemone along the Valley Trail.

Believe it or not, very early Crabapple blossoms on the tree at he intersection of the Valley and Twin Ledges Trails.

Happy Earth Day!

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. You are an amazing photographer. I know I've said that before, but I just had to say it again.

    Blueberries are kinda creepy looking! Who knew?!?

  2. The ferns look like those sea creatures that burrow into the ocean bottom and stick their necks up to snag passing plankton.

  3. absolutely delicious can really taste and smell spin in every one........thanks

  4. of course that should have read "smell spring"

  5. There's such diversity inyour lovely park, you're fortunate to be close enough to visit so often. Lovely. I remember crab apple, we used to make jam or jelly out of it years ago. I don't think I've seen it here. I love the time laps photography of fern fronds unfurling, the things grow into trees here in rain forests, very impressive.

  6. ....gorgeous blooms, especially those little blueberry blossoms...and I love the Chipping Sparrow singing! Good luck with your cervical discs. I had herniated discs about 6 years ago.....ouch I so know the burning, shooting arm/shoulder pain. Uugh...hope they feel better soon.