Monday, April 05, 2010

Fun, Fun, Fun at the Beach!

Yeah, you read that right. Not for humans, though; the water's way too cold for any dipping in the water unless you're wearing a wetsuit. But the dogs didn't seem to mind a frolic on the beach on this gorgeous, knock-yer-eyes-out Spring day that included much fun in the water. I was on the Cliff Walk for a while and came across a scene on Belmont Beach at the end of Marine Ave. While a Song Sparrow serenaded them from a sprouting Beach Rose bush (left) and a Common Loon looked on from out in the ocean (right)...

... these three dogs were in full frolic. Their masters were boring, way too busy talking to each other and paying only minimal attention to their pets. For instance, this poor pup is desperately trying to get his master's attention: "C'mon, c'mon, c'mon! Throw the ball! Please? Throwtheballthrowtheballthrowtheball! You know you want to!"

Meanwhile, the other two are running up and down the beach, wrestling in the water, and running up to shake the water all over their masters to get them to come frolic with them. Here's the water wrestling:

Then a little shake, shake, shake!

And then it's, "Let's go shake on them, too! Maybe then they'll come and play!"

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Fun walk...I thought my feet were going to get wet. Sparrows can really belt out a song, can't they ? Love 'em.

  2. Roy! A Lovely Spring Ballet!

  3. Hey! What's my Labrador doing on your beach! Don't wet dogs make the best subjects!

  4. the dog photos, and your singing sparrow is gorgeous!