Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Spring Comes to the City

This is sort of a "Part II" of yesterday's entry on my trip to Providence. Yesterday I gave you "art" shots; today is dedicated to the signs of Spring popping up in the urban environment. The shots were taken around or down in Waterplace Park in downtown Providence.

Looking over Waterplace Park at the downtown Providence skyline from Francis St.

The bronze bridge over the basin in Waterplace Park.

Looking up at the Westin Hotel (the two tall buildings in the background) from the courtyard between the Union Station restaurants and Waterplace Park.

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Nice day to-day as well, for a stroll round the urban centres :) I need a full day off...

    Diggin' the bridge photo the more :)

  2. This was a treat..I haven't stepped out into a real "city" in ages. I love the stone pier.

  3. great shots!
    isn't it amazing how layered it all looks. glad the great storm didn't damage too much!

  4. Wonderful bright colours : they just invite you to walk those streets. I am going to pinch that first image and turn it into a digital jig-saw for my own amusement.