Friday, February 12, 2010


Some photos taken yesterday (Thursday) of the snow in Ballard Park from Wednesday's storm. Alas, I wasn't the first one in! There were lots of footprints in the snow in some of the more accessible areas of the park. Oh well...

Atop the quarry rim.

A lacy ice arbor over the Twin Ledges Trail.

The Joseph Cotton Overlook in snow.

The path down to the old stone crusher.

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Beautiful winter shots; the gnarled trees in the first shot is especially good!

  2. No fair! We got nada snow...waaaaah! I got up ere the sun and things were already melting from the( two inches or less )of cover...ah but was up for the sunrise, so it kinda balanced out, heh...spectacular photos, sir :)

  3. Lovely!

    Seattle's been skipped all winter. I don't think the lows have gotten down past 30 more than a handful of times. Lots of sun, too (not typical).

    Miss the snow, though. Love it!

  4. That first picture reminds me of a region in England I once visited-- I thought it was very Jane Austenish.

  5. I guess the first photo is favourite so far. My reaction was it was painted with light, and so it is.

  6. You make snow look inviting and beautiful! My first impression of your first photo was the same -is this a painting? It could easily be one!
    happy Valentine to you!

  7. Roy your pics always inspire me--- you sure have a good eye for photography and catching the scene.

  8. Actually the first picture could be in Australia's alps . . beautiful shots which serve to cool me down nicely given that it's hot and wet and sticky . . bring on winter I say!