Monday, April 06, 2009

Sight & Sound - Shamanic Skull

There's something very shamanic about the remains of animals - feathers, bones, whatever. I found this Raccoon skull yesterday on my hike.

Music: "clay, wood, bone, dirt" from the CD Origins (1993) by Steve Roach

Photograph © 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I'm always fascinated by skulls and bones. I would have loved being an archaeologist. Nice photo, Roy!

  2. ...very striking. The teeth look like they are still intact. I know what you mean about coming across bones or a skull. It's an interesting feeling. Very nice photo too...

  3. You do have some interesting models.

    I have changed locations, by the way.

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    Feel free to update your bloglist if you'd like. I'll be checking back whatever you decide.

    Take care.

  4. How did you know what it was? I would have had no clue!

  5. Great find! it kind of looks polished!

  6. Thanks, everybody!

    Megan, I spent some time researching online. I'd originally thought it was a Skunk skull, but it turns out that Skunks have much smaller heads than I thought. There are quite a few animal skull ID sites on the web, and I ended up going back and forth between the one I thought was the best and individual animal information pages once I'd narrowed the field. Size, shape of the dental plate, and slope of the front of the skull pretty much nailed the Raccoon ID.

  7. very cool....I love finding bones on a walk and have a little corner in a cabinet devoted to some of the more interesting bones I bring home. this one is quite beautiful!

  8. nice find. hope you enjoyed the time in the woods!

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