Sunday, April 05, 2009

Gee, It Must Be Spring!

Out and about today, I was coming home from the grocery store when I heard familiar sounds from above me, and I looked up at the Osprey nest built every year on the broadcast tower of Toppa Field, a sports field used by football and baseball teams from both Rogers High School and Salve Regina University. It looks like the eggs have hatched ands the little'uns are up and curious. So of course I pulled the camera out of the bag, attached the telephoto, and here's the result:

Cute little fuzzballs, aren't they?

© 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. You've got a good eye!

    BTW, my daughter L is responsible for Music Mondays on my blog . . . can't take any credit.

  2. wow!!! what blessings to have those familiar sounds and sights!!

    very cute indeed!