Thursday, March 05, 2009

Theme Thursday - Glass

Glass: clear, reflective, colored; drinking glasses, bowls, flat sheets, mirrors, windows; bottles, decorative items, holiday tree ornaments. We use glass for so much. Here are some images I've managed to put together.

Still life with glasses. Yes, this is a sampling from my collection. What can I say; I worked in a Dansk Factory Outlet for 11 years, I stocked up!

An antique patent medicine vial. It contains water from Gooseneck Cove and sits on my altar representing the element Water.

A Victorian-style stained glass decorative light my father made. He did some really great stained glass pieces in his retirement.

The vial again, this time in a still life with seaglass set on a mirror and in front of another mirror. This was an experiment last Summer playing with reflections.

My glasses, artfully posed. It's a wonder this thing is in focus; I almost literally can't see without my glasses, so taking this picture was a real trip!

As with last week's Theme Thursday post, I'll leave you with another blast from the past courtesy of YouTube - "Heart of Glass" by Blondie. Yeah, i had a real thing for Debbie Harry. Heh, heh! I still do.

Photographs © 2008 & 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Ahh Roy you are a man after my own taste in glass! Most awesome collection!

  2. That is quite the collection. I love that lamp your father made.

  3. Hi, Roy! I adore vintage bottles and have a nice sized collection. Lucky you, with all the Dansk!

  4. I have such a thing for sea glass! Your photos are so elegant, I thought the sea glass pieces were leaves at first glance.

    having a lamp your dad made is so nice. love the vials too. When i visit the liquor store before hosting a party, the interesting bottles catch my eye, so there's always a few things my party guests ask about. --Can I have this bottle when it's empty? er, no, I bought it mainly for the bottle itself.

  5. I liked how you put special water in one bottle, and I read the page --very nice photo the way the glasses show the type...

  6. sorry--me again--

    Someone finally posted Heart of Glass-- that song popped into my head when I saw what the theme was.

  7. ...always interesting. I don't think I could come up with all the variations. Love the glass collection, and my son loves all things antique. He's always looking for antique bottles. I'll have to show him your blog this evening.

  8. Love your glass collection! And your picture of your glasses is a bit cooler than my own one :-)

  9. I was waiting for someone to do Heart of Glass! I just recently saw a program on collecting sea glass in the San Francisco area. Interesting. My mother did stained glass in her retirement too. But, alas, she got Alzheimer's and that ended that! Nice post.

  10. Your post made me smile, there was so much to enjoy. The lamp is very lovely - I see artistic gifts run in the family.
    (And yay for Blondie!)

  11. My mother-in-law does stained glasswork and I've really grown to appreciate it.

  12. Nice images.
    And that's a beautiful lamp!

  13. I want that lamp!!

    Great shots, Roy.

  14. I love these photographs. They remind me of the sea, so beautiful and blue! I suppose I'm just longing for summer but your post made me want to take a swim in the sea. Lovely glass collection.

  15. Hello,
    Since you were No. 1 on the list, I just had to see your Glass Post.
    OMG, I just adore Dansk. I could never work there because I would just leave my entire pay check there and buy all the merchandise.
    Cool photos.
    I knew you would have something extra special.

  16. Thanks so much, everybody!

    Auntie, there were several people who worked in our store over the years who swore they were working for merchandise, not for pay. Most of my kitchen and tabletop stuff is Dansk. With a 40% employee discount on everything, including sale and clearance items, how could I not? Heh, heh!

  17. i absolutely can not see with out my glasses.....nor can i hear as well without my glasses as with my glasses, what's with that!!!!!

    love those vintage bottles......

    wonderful addition to the glassosphere!!

  18. I really liked the bottle. And the song. Thanks!

  19. great pictures...I have yet to master that sort of thing

    we have tons of glass stuff to unload... no idea what it is worth though; will have to do some research one o' these days (she says knowing she's never going to get to it)

  20. Very neat lamp that your dad made. Great pictures, I like the vial. Hope you post more pictures of your collection. I like the vial mirror experiement, it was really cool.

    Thank you again.

  21. Beautiful photographs, Roy. I love the shimmer and sparkle and gleam of your still lifes.

    One question. I know we still call them "glasses" but how many of us now wear "plastics"? As another nearly blind person (legally blind in one eye), I can so relate to the need for them - and the near impossibility of taking photos without them (or my contact lenses). When they came out with the ultra-thin lenses, I could finally wear my glasses without having the one lens be three times thicker than the other.

    Glass, prisms, magnification and reduction; all so important in focus for photography - and everyday functioning!

    Ooo -oo, ah, ah...