Saturday, March 07, 2009

A Saturday Surprise

Something that I've been trying to achieve for quite some time finally happened today - I managed to get a decent photo session with a Nuthatch. Specifically, a White-Breasted Nuthatch. These little guys are quite plentiful here in Newport, especially in Winter, but they're very quick, restless, and unpredictable. Which makes them very difficult photographic subjects. But today while I was wandering about town with the camera, I heard the very characterist call of the Nuthatch (listen here) while walking down Shepard Ave. near Salve Regina University. I looked up in a big Sweet Gum tree in front of me and there it was, hopping around in its characteristic upside-down position and digging in the bark of the tree for goodies. I planted my feet, raised the camera, and started shooting. I probably took close to 12 shots; here are the four best.

And now for something completely different!

A fellow blogger whose blog I follow - Holly Friesen at The Roaring Inside - is a very talented painter, and today she posted pictures of a gallery show she's involved in. One of her friends in the show, a sculptor with whom she's also collaborated, is named Luis Paniagua. Well it just so happens that I'm a fan of a Spanish musician whose name is also Luis Paniagua, who records on the Spanish NO-CD Rekords label and the Silentium Records label (which I can't find a web presence for). I guess Paniagua is a more common name than I'd thought! In any case, I told Holly I'd post one of my Luis' musical works here for everyone's enjoyment. The piece is called "El Regalo II" and it's from his 1997 CD Saltando Amarras.

And that, friends, is today's post.

Photographs © 2009 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. ...beautiful shots of the nuthatch--one of my favorite birds (that sound of theirs melts my heart). Also...I enjoyed listening to the music! Thanks for posting it...

  2. You're such a gifted photographer and it's a cute bird. I'm glad it obliged you.

    One of my ancestors was a naturalist working and painting for Audobon. Pictures like this remind me of the stories I've heard and the picture he painted one of my great aunts gave me.

  3. How I love nuthatches!

    Just outside my "computing" desk window is an old pear tree. Lots of scruffy bark and old dead limbs, and it's where I have placed several feeders.

    The nuthatches (both the large and small varieties are so entertaining as they bop up and down and sideways and upsidedown! Sometimes I've as many as five at one. I keep a suet feeder filled with a peanut butter concoction that they just love.

    Great photos!! Do you get both varieties there?

  4. I love the nuthatches as well, they are such playful little creatures and I always adore any being who does things upside down! Great shots of the little rascal :)
    I can't wait to tell my friend Luis about the spanish musician with the same name. He is originally from Spain so perhaps he already knows of the musician, lovely music, thanks for the introduction.
    Don't know if you speak spanish but Pan i Agua means Bread and Water, which I have always thought an interesting choice for a name.

  5. sweet, sweet, sweet portraits of the nuthatch!

    you are going to have another fun theme thursday this week given your passion for animal photography, I can't wait to see what you share!

  6. I love you nuthatch- beautiful photos again, you have a talent for sure :)

    By the way- you have been tagged!

  7. sorry about mis-spellings above!

  8. Wonderful site, love all the pics, they are very well done and artistic.
    Thanks for sharing. Enita