Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Scenic Route

I took the scenic route to the grocery store today and got some shots; these two actually worked. Tomorrow I plan to take a decent hike, so there'll be plenty of pretty to look at!

Bouncing Bet growing along the Dykeman Walking Trail
"Green grow the rushes, ho!" Pond scene in the Dykeman Spring wetlands.
In case anybody doesn't recognize the quote in the caption above... It's an old, traditional song, a "counting song" like "The Twelve Days of Christmas". We used to sing it when we were out hiking when I was in Boy Scouts; we especially used to sing it when we were marching from our campsite to the general meeting area at jamborees and at summer camp. Our senior patrol leader at the time, Woody Woodward, taught it to us, and since he was studying Russian at school I assumed it was a Russian thing. Imagine my surprised when I learned that it was used by American troops as a cadence count when marching to war against the Mexicans in the 1840s. In any case, I found a very humorous version on YouTube for your enjoyment.

Photos © 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger