Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rainy Day

Another rainy day off, and I was stuck indoors. I decided to play with the cell phone camera again, this time shooting the everyday objects in my apartment in black and white. Hey, it keeps boredom at bay, you know?

My personal altar on the bedroom bureau
Terracotta dragon candlestick
A medieval-style sun wall ornament
My workstation, the digital hub of Roy's World
Here's a little rainy day music from Jimi to brighten the day:

© 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I see a few things on your bureau that I collect...sea shells and an old medicine bottle! :)

  2. It keeps boredom at bay VERY creatively, Roy.

  3. Ah, Mr Hilbinger... the world could do with more gentle, thoughtful, beauty-loving, truth-speaking souls like your good self.

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