Friday, August 02, 2013

Cellphone B&W

Another singleton day off, so pictures were taken while on the way to and from errands. I decided to play with the Samsung Galaxy S4's camera some more. Today went a long way toward getting a feel for its limits. Basically, I've determined that distance shots are not its forte; it doesn't shoot in anything but 72ppi, while print standard these days is a minimum of 150 ppi. Yes, I know; web standard is 72 ppi, but I think web standards for a lot of things - graphics, movies, music - pretty much suck anyhow. 72 ppi doesn't allow room for nuance, and you lose a lot of detail the further away from the lens surface you get. That's okay for the average person just posting snapshots, but for a photographer that's just not acceptable. But for closer subjects this camera does a very good job. So I'll leave the landscapes of mountains and fields for my regular camera.

The Samsung is also pretty good at black & white, as I discovered today. After the first shot of the day in the laundromat I decided to play with b&w. The four shots posted below are the best of the lot. Enjoy!

It's laundry day again. I try to get in before the crowd builds.
God's Acre cemetery on Prince St.
Back streets - a view of the back side of King St. from Neff Ave.
Another back street - looking down Creamer Ave. from Orange St.
© 2013 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I love b & w!

    That third floor back porch would be great...a bird's eye view of everything!

  2. Love the back streets. Can't you just see people hanging out there on a hot night in the 1930s, listening to the radio, women sitting and fanning themselves, men leaning on the railing smoking cigs? If those porches could talk!

  3. I'd say those are pretty good for cell phone photos!

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