Monday, May 21, 2012

Rainy Day

I'm off today and tomorrow, and it's raining; supposed to rain tomorrow, too. Oh well... So I wandered over to the Dykeman Wetlands Park to see if it's as photogenic in the rain as it is in all the other times I've wandered through. It is.

This is what it sounded like while I was taking these pictures:

And some music videos on the subject. Here's Patty Griffin with her song "Rain".

And here's a classic, arguably the best song and dance number in American film history. Enjoy!

Photos © 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. Roy....I have loved your posts for years and rarely told you so.......sorry.....shame on me. You deserve a bunch of applause for your gorgeous photos and fascinating walks.

    However, I have just nominated you as Kreastive Blogger.....see my latest post for the details.
    "It's Always Something"

  2. These pictures are absolutely beauty:)

  3. rain...i would appreciate any tips for taking photos in the rain???

  4. ...I love that dance scene! Thanks for posting it. Flowers are always gorgeous in the rain. You caught the white flower so well with the raindrops on it.

  5. Thank you for............Gene kelly, i remeber.......i remember.....old remember.....
    thank you ROY
    by Daniele Zanotti from Italy

  6. Down here in Tasmania we're in our third straight day of rain. It doesn't seem to have stopped! I also stepped out for a bit and got a few raindrop photos.

  7. American rain Is More Attractive Than English Rain..........

  8. Your photos are beautiful, inspiring and impressive. I like that so much! >_<

  9. very good photos! i like your Blog:)