Friday, May 11, 2012

Cutting Through the Park Again

On my way to shop for groceries I did a wander through the Dykeman Wetlands Park, my usual habit on day-off errands. I took a few pictures.

I chased this Eastern Kingbird from tree to tree for a while, until he landed on this cattail head out in the middle of the swamp. He sat there long enough for me to mess with the manual focus and get him nice and clear.

The Orioles are back! I saw two of them in the park, and managed to catch this guy up in a Sycamore tree at the edge of the swamp. I didn't hear them singing, though. Too bad; they're magnificent singers!

And the Multiflora Roses are blooming. In a couple of weeks the woods will be sweet with the smell of them!

© 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. I have never seen an Oriole or a Kingbird! So very cool, Roy! :)

    I thought your roses were strawberry blossoms! They look very similar!

  2. You always fill each frame with such colour and beauty Roy. Long may that habit continue.

  3. They Look As If They Are Meditating !

  4. I wish we had Orioles here! Beautiful photos of gorgeous birds.

  5. ...a kingbird and an oriole! Two birds I've never been able to get decent photos of. Love yours!

  6. First time I see an is stunning....beautiful images and story!!