Sunday, April 01, 2012

A Sunday Constitutional

Hooray! The Sunday constitutionals are back! I've been bumped up to full time at work, and full-timers get put on a rotating schedule of days off, which means I'll get 2 Sundays off a month. Whee!

Today, after doing the laundry, I went up to Mt. Rock on Rt. 11, then down Mt. Rock Rd. to Rice Rd. and then down Rice Rd. back to Rt. 11. I had seen Amish children playing along a different part of Mt. Rock Rd. a few weeks back and figured if there was a school nearby (and these were definitely kids from a school situation) then there must be a meeting house, and I went up there today with the express purpose of getting pictures of all the horses and buggies in the parking lot. But I figured wrong - no Amish Sunday meeting, at least not in that area. But I did get a nice shot of South Mountain from Rt. 11 in Mt. Rock, a couple of views of the orchards along Mt. Rock Rd. just beginning to bud, and an old farm shed on Rt. 11 on the way back into Shippensburg.

But I still really need to find out where there's an Amish meeting house around here!

© 2012 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. love thata first photo...gorgeous!

  2. Go on Route 11 north of Conestoga Drive to Route 533 towards Newville. Second road on the left is Duncan Road. The school sits on 533 and the meeting house sits on the hill along Duncan Road. Very colorful in the winter with the different horse blankets.

    1. Ah! I've been up to Duncan Rd. on the Rail Trail. I've also been told there's one up Clearfield Rd., too. So I'll have to flip a coin to decide which direction I go in on my next Sunday off.

  3. Cool & atmospheric shots even without the elusive meeting house! & congrats on your full-time status.