Monday, November 22, 2010

Back in Business

Well, I've been ensconced in the downstairs "suite" in my brother and sister-in-law's basement, and Teri (my SIL) has an extra Mac PowerBook G4 to use, and I'm back in business with posting photos. It's an involved process, though. I've set my regular computer up, but I can't do Internet on it here; I can, however, download and process my photos, and then all I do is plug the external drive I store my photos on into this laptop and voilà! I'm posting again.

So here are the best of the photos I took while staying with my Mom; they're from the several hikes I took, and they feature South Mountain - which dominates the landscape around here - and the next ridge over to the northwest, which is mostly a hazy blue in the distance.

A part of South Mountain from Black Gap Rd.

A farm with the next ridge over a hazy, distant blue on the horizon.

Looking at the distant ridge again from Mt. Pleasant Rd. This is the dominant scenery in this part of Pennsylvania - mountains and farms.

South Mountain from Mt. Pleasant Rd.

More farms and mountains.

South Mountain on a different day, from Black Gap Rd.

Farms up under the shoulder of South Mountain.

Mt. Pleasant Farm - a dairy farm - at sunset.

And that's what my world looks like these days.

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. a beautiful world it is! so happy you are back in business!!!

    breathtaking set - i'm very drawnth to the fourth and last photos

  2. Roy , The New World Looks Mighty & Fine To Me.I'm Glad Youve Got Your Mojo Plugged In Again!

  3. Welcome Back~Holly

  4. Nice pics, Roy! Good to see you back in the 'hood!

  5. Hmmm... not quite as charming as Rhode Island, but be thankful it's not an industrial wasteland, Roy! Good to know you landed on your feet.

  6. Wherever you may be Roy you have the knack of taking stunning photographs. It's great to see them on-line again.

  7. Looks very beautiful there. I agree with Alan's comment!

  8. "hazy blue"...smokey, right? ha. :)

    welcome back. The photos are gorgeous!