Monday, September 20, 2010

Monday Potpourri

Today was errands day, so there was no grand trek or anything. You got that yesterday. Since I didn't have any bird photos from the bird walk yesterday, I thought I'd make up for that by posting some bird shots from Gooseneck Cove that I'd shot earlier and for some reason hadn't posted yet. These guys tend to be the dominant sight in the Cove in the Summer months - a Great Blue Heron (left) and a Great Egret (right).

Meanwhile, today while running around on errands, I decided to pop down to Ruggles Ave. again. The surf is still up and I wanted to see if any of the gang was out on the waves. Yeah, I know it's Monday, but a lot of the surfing crew are self-employed carpenters, house painters, fishermen, etc., who make their own work schedules and seem to magically show up when the waves get high. And those who are working for somebody else try to pop down on their lunch hour if the surf warrants it.

Today there were only about four guys out there, and three of them left the water soon after I got there. The one guy left just sat there on his board gazing out to sea, riding over waves that anybody else would have hopped on. I waited, and waited, and waited... After about 15 minutes of watching this guy just sit there, almost exactly on the stroke of noon he hopped on a wave and rode it in to shore. It was a long ride, and I got about 5 shots of him coming in, but this one works the best.

While waiting for this surfer to get on the ball and jump on a wave, I got some shots of some of the good waves he turned down. They make a nice dramatic finish for today's post!

© 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. i can almost feel the mist from the surf and smell the crisp salty sea air!!

    thanks roy!!

  2. Wow, those wave shots are spectacular, Roy!!

  3. I can't believe I let August go by without getting out to the beach one more time. Hopefully fall will hold out just a LITTLE while longer - although, cold beach walks are good, too.

    Really like the wave shots.

  4. You can almost hear the surf in those shots. Great photos of something which is always so very hard to capture.

  5. I'm with Alan! I'm imagining the sound of crashing waves, breeze and a seagull or two! Lovely!

  6. PS. Thanks for the birthday wishes! xo

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