Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tsk, Tsk, Scott Brown

It seems that freshman US Senator Scott Brown, R-MA, has stooped to the old right-wing bad habit of sending out fundraising letters based on scaring his fan base into coughing up the moola. In this case, Cosmo Scott claims that the MA Democratic Party is trying to recruit MSNBC news anchor and commentator Rachel Maddow (who lives in MA) to run against him in 2012. The problem is, it's news to Rachel; nobody's approached her, and she wouldn't run anyhow. Here's her reaction:

Tsk, tsk, Scott Brown! Do you really think you deserve Teddy Kennedy's seat?


  1. he definitely DOES NOT deserve teddy's seat!

    rachel is wise stay in her role of critiquing and exposing congress

  2. Scott may not deserve it, but Rachel sure does!

    How about the heavy use of the passive voice? Anyone who falls for that deserves, well, Scott Brown as their senator.

  3. What a moron!

    The thing about scare tactics and lying all the time, eventually the truth always comes out.

  4. While he may not deserve it, the dumb Dems let him have it. Jeez what a terrible mis-step that was. Somebody outta kick Coakley's ass.

    On a lighter note, I LOVE Rachel. She's so smart and funny w/o being pedantic and blowhardy like Keith whom I like but in much smaller doses.