Thursday, March 25, 2010

Theme Thursday - Sign

Some signs seen in Newport this week while just wandering around.

The Newport Restoration Foundation was created by Doris Duke to restore as many of the still-existing colonial-era residential buildings as possible. She inspired others to do the same, both individuals and restoration projects like her own (Operation Clapboard was the most prolific). All NRF houses have a plaque like this on them.

My doctor works here.

Outside Busker's Pub on Thames St.

The Red Parrot Restaurant, at the convergence of Thames St., Memorial Blvd., and America's Cup Blvd.

And now for the music!

This long-haired hippie person remembers this song by the Five Man Electric Band with great fondness.

Ah! Remember Petula Clark? She's actually still around and performing (mostly acting on stage).

Last and certainly not least, the legendary Albert King with the equally legendary John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers (that's Mick Taylor on guitar, post-Stones) performing "Born Under a Bad Sign", one of the icons of the Blues repertoire. Finding this video for today led me to finding more videos featuring the tune, so I ended up doing a post on it on Citizen K's Just A Song blog. Enjoy!

Photos & text © 2010 by A. Roy Hilbinger


  1. great song choice roy...forgot about 'bad sign' the olg guiness signs with the toucan...

  2. how did I forget 'born under a bad sign' - i used to love rita coolidge's version of it....and thanks for the flashback with the your vid 'signs'

  3. My fave is the Guinness sign.

    I just watched "I Know Where I'm Going" this week, which features a very young, precocious Petula Clark.

  4. And here I thought there ain't but One Way Out.

    Is that the same Doris Duke of Duke University? She sure had a lot of money. I'll bet paying the tax for health care reform would have broken her, though.

  5. Yer showin' yer age, brother! Nice signage, interesting mix of music--pop and blues.

    I just caught the title of your previous blog about Scott Brown so am going to read that now.

  6. Thanks, folks!

    K - Oh man, I love that song! And yeah, same Doris Duke, she of the Camel cigarettes fortune.

  7. All the photographers coming up aces today! Nice selection, my friend.

  8. Showing your age? Aren't we all! I always think it funny to see a Guinness sign anywhere other than Ireland for some reason. Seems all wrong.