Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Wednesday Walkabout

I had an errand to run, to pick up a prescription refill at CVS, and decided to visit the Brookside Ave. wetland, which is right behind CVS, while I was in the area. Brookside is a secondary feeder for Burd Run, one of the major creeks in the area. I hang out there a lot in the Summer because there are usually two or more Green Herons there and a wide variety of butterflies and dragonflies; it's a nature photographer's heaven! It's never struck me as a particularly interesting place in Winter, though.

How wrong I was. With the usual lush Summer foliage gone, there are places and and perspectives invisible in the Summer months, and I got to see some of them today. Not to mention capturing a flying v of Canada Geese flying away as I approached the area, and getting a shot of another feral cat in an adjacent field on the way home. For a short visit while out on an errand this was a particularly productive shoot!

This small flock of Canada Geese flew off as I approached
Burd Run is looking healthy
A view of the collection pond in the wetland
One of the feeder streams in the wetland
A feral cat checking me out as I walk home
© 2020 by A. Roy Hilbinger

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